Awards Presentation 31st August 2014

The Open Day also saw Member for Mirani Mr Ted Malone MP on hand at the presentation of a few special awards to our members for Excellence in Life Saving. We are well recognised for our volunteer patrols on the beach but more often than not the skills learnt at Life Saving are used at home, in the work place or out on our busy roads. Brian & Bruce Dawes in April this year were alerted that their neighbour had been discovered collapsed. They discovered him non responsive and not breathing, they commenced rotational CPR that went on for about 20 minutes until Ambulance Officers arrived. It would have been a great comfort to the man’s family that they were there and never gave up the fight for his life.


Bruce & Brian Dawes, Ted Malone MP, Sandy Surf Dog, Fiona O’Sullivan & Hector

Greg O’Sullivan was also recognised for his efforts at the Grasstree Beach Motor Bike Races last year where he was helping out a club display. Early on in the day there was a terrible accident where a stationary rider was struck by another rider. Both were critically injured. Greg worked for over an hour with the Ambulance Officers on scene to help stabilise the injured men so they could be transported to hospital.

There are countless awards given in many diverse organisations for different accomplishments, but not many compare to the extreme value of recognising people for the efforts our members give in trying to save someone else’s life whether they be a stranger, family or friend.




Ted Malone, Sandy Surf Dog, Jeanne Ronald & Macey Ronald



Also recognised on the day were Jeanne Ronald who took out the North Barrier Branch Volunteer of the year Award that covered Clubs from Sarina in the South to Ingham in the North. Jeanne also this year  became the clubs newest Life Member giving in excess of 10 years invaluable service to the club.

Elyce Dahms and Macey Ronald were this year’s Club Persons of the Year, both giving 300 volunteer patrol hours each in the beach, conducting the Club’s Green Caps program on a Sunday and Elyce holding the position of 1st Aid and Marine Stinger Officer. All while both at school.