North Aussies 2014 – Results

Congratulations on the teams results on the weekend. A special congratulations to those ‘having a go’ in events and giving it their all, knowing they were up against very stiff competition in the water events didn’t deter their spirit. You should all be very proud of your efforts.

Friday kicked off the North Aussies Championships in the Pool Rescue Comp held at the Memorial Pool.  We took a team of ten all first timers with only two training sessions under their belt to the comp.  Although we were lacking in training, knowledge and swimming stamina, we made up for it in the Sarina Team ‘have a go spirit’!  We have come away with a new found knowledge from the experience and maybe some interested future pool comp participants.

A huge thank you to all the parents who helped as timekeepers, officials, age managers, irb driver, water safety, tent chaperon’s and supporters without you we wouldn’t be able to participate at carnivals.
I would like to congratulate everyone on their fantastic Team Spirit!  Your support and encouragement towards one another is wonderful to see.  Thank you all for a wonderful weekend!         Your very proud Team Manager, Greg Bierton.20141025_124834 Happy birthday Kirralee – We all enjoyed your cake!!!
20141025_163304 The March Past team entered in the colored division
North Australian Championships – Results 



U11 Tyler Kerr – Gold Sprints – Gold Flags – Gold All age relay
Great first carnival Tyler
Bethany Bierton – Bronze sprints – Bronze Flags – Gold All age relay
Liam Gall – Bronze 1 klm run
Taylah Graham  – 9th Sprint final
Lucy Bradford , Laim Gall, Felecitee Dunn, Bethany Bierton – U12 Beach relay final 
Kiralee Welsh , Angela Trace , Erin Swindell , Olivia Swindell – U13 Beach relay final 
Angela Trace – Gold All age relay 
Jack Swidnell – making all finals 
Anna Black – 7th flag final – Gold all age relay – silver U14 beach relay 
Angelina Bierton – 6th flag final , Gold sprints – Gold All age relay – silver U14 beach relay 
Angelina taking Gold in the sprint
Ashley Gall – semi flag final – silver U14 beach relay 
Callum Street – Gold sprints – Gold All age relay- sliver U14 beach relay
Bryon Dunn – 7th flags – final sprints – Gold all age relay 
Sophie Street – Silver sprints – Silver flags – Gold all age relay
Sophie Street – Bronze sprints 
Jack Robinson – 8th flag final
Trent Veron – 5th tube race – 6th surf race
Kent Street – Gold flags – Gold sprints – Gold all age relay
This event showed just how much depth/ strength we have on the beach from U11 – Masters 
9 fast / strong runners not losing any ground and winning GOLD
Queensland Country Team
Congratulation  to Callum Street and Congratulations to Angelina Bierton
Both have now made the team since being able to be selected last season
The team will compete on the 28 November on the Gold Coast        Good luck 

 Callum taking Gold in the Sprint