Every Day Hero

Sarina State High School student and member of the Sarina Surf Life Saving Club Anna Black was awarded a Club Lifesaving Excellence Award on Sunday morning.
Anna and her mother were walking along Grasstree Beach on Monday the 04th of September (her 16th birthday) when they noticed a canoe capsize and sink a couple kilometres away out in the inlet. Anna ran back to the car to get a phone and when she returned saw the man was failing and in serious trouble. Without a second thought she swam out to the man calmed him down getting him to conserve his strength and coached him back to shore.
An ambulance was called and the man admitted to hospital having hypothermia and ingested water.
Anna has been a Sarina SLSC nipper and patrolling member who’s training kicked in to do all she could do to ensure the man survived while protecting her own safety.
Anna was presented the award by Matt Palmer SLSQ Athlete Development officer form the Gold Coast who was also a past Sarina SLSC Nipper and Club President Neil John.
These lifesaving skills taught at Surf Life Saving Clubs are more often than not used out of patrol hours in community, work and road accident situation.

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